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Hegelmann USA

Industry-leading logistic solutions

Hegelmann Group offers a wide range of different services surrounding logistics, warehouses, hospitality and more. With multimodal solutions and a globally available network, there is no challenge too extreme for us. Through constant investments and innovation we can offer the best service to our customers. Your satisfication is what we are striving for.

As a part of Hegelmann Group, Hegelmann USA extends the commitment to excellence, innovation and dedication to clients and partners. With the experience in transportation and logistics industry, we bring the same high standards and global reach to serve the needs of businesses across the United States. Discover how Hegelmann USA can elevate your logistics experience and support your business’s growth.

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We are a family run business

Hegelmann Group is a family run business originating in Bruchsal, Germany. Since its founding in 1998, we expanded our company throughout Europe and North America. Over the years we were able to become a global player in the logistics and transport industry and are able to provide services throughout a great amount of different sectors and industries.

About Us

Our contribution to a more sustainable future in logistics

We at Hegelmann Group are proud to announce our first-ever Interactive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. This breakthrough report elevates transparency to new heights, letting you explore our social responsibility efforts in an immersive, engaging way.

Get real-time insights into our environmental strategies, ethical supply chain, and future plans. This isn’t just a document—it’s an interactive journey, showing our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our world.

CSR 2022
Social responsibility


  • John

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    I’ve been driving for about seven years. If I had found you years ago, things would have gone a lot better. You provide me with loads and let me do the job that you hired me for and everything goes great. Also, your equipment is the best I’ve ever had to work with.

  • William

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me work here. Working here and with you has exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would find here working for a foreign company. It has been a far more pleasant experience than I thought I would find.

  • Nicole

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    Best place I’ve ever worked for. Honest, professional, knowledgeable people who actually care about their drivers. They go above and beyond to make sure our comfort and units are satisfactory. I’ve had no problems getting in to get repairs on tires while on the road.

  • RON

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    I was the 5th driver hired here.
    During 11 years of driving experience
    I’ve logged over a million miles.
    And hands down this is the best
    company I’ve driven for – best
    dispatchers and the best bosses.
    I’ll retire with this company, thank
    you Hegelmann USA for coming
    to America.


    Driver Hegelmann USA

    It’s the best company that I work
    for! I wish I found you guys years
    ago – I love working for
    Hegelmann USA. Thanks for
    everything you do for me,
    you’ve done a great job!

  • Roman

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    Great company to work for. Polite and extremely professional staff that makes you feel at home and appreciated. Everyone there works together as a team. Good reliable up-to-date trucks, clean, good looking facility, and Hegelmann USA maintains an excellent safety score.

  • Crystal

    Driver Hegelmann USA

    Very easy company to work for, they treat you fairly. Me and my husband run teams and we get the miles which means a lot in this market. Home time is no problem we do our time then we go home nothing said have never had an issue getting home. Their trucks and trailers are new.

We are hiring!

We share a vision and together we face every hurdle with tremendous motivation and by acting conscientiously. Due to the fact that we are able to rely on one another, we see ourselves as members of a big team. We all speak more than one language and approach new challenges with creativity and ambition. Does this sound like the place for you? Do not hesitate any longer!